What Is Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction has a very clear purpose: directing our attention to God’s daily presence in our lives

Here’s my story…

My first experience with a spiritual director made me want more of this type of soul care.

As she and I eased into the conversation, I noticed how well she listened to me. She asked good questions and made astute observations. She encouraged me to go slowly, to give myself time to think and to say things of which – in the rush of a busy life — I had not paid much attention. Here, I had a quiet space to listen to God speak with me.

I was able to see that God was working in many areas where I simply had not seen God before. 

My director didn’t treat my spiritual life as a set of problems that needed fixing or advising. That would have felt more like counseling. Neither did she try to teach me spiritual and biblical principles. That would have felt more like teaching.

Rather, I saw my soul – that interior part of me — as a valuable part of my life that needed attention.

And what I saw encouraged me. I was so accustomed to “digging for dirt” in my spirituality – focusing on what was not good – that I forgot I could celebrate the “gold” in my life. This is why I will encourage a directee to stop and relish a moment in our time together when it’s obvious that God is moving, and that the directee needs time to notice and to enjoy it.  

I also learned that in spiritual direction I was to focus on my current experiences of God. What was happening right now in my relationship with him?

If I discovered that something in my past was hindering my growth, my director would encourage me to get counseling or inner healing. Also, because of previous life experiences, I had some god-images that needed to be jettisoned.

The ancient practice of spiritual direction offers the gift of unhurried time in which someone else hears us into speech.

In the years of receiving spiritual direction, I have come to recognize God’s daily active presence and hear God’s voice in ways that have helped me:

  •             Discern how to make better life choices
  •             Learn and cultivate meaningful prayer practices
  •             Rediscover Scripture meditation that engages my heart, body and mind
  •             Hang on in dark times when God and his rewards seem absent
  •             Get unstuck from unhelpful beliefs
  •             Be free to follow Jesus in acts of service more in alignment with who I am      

Maybe you want similar things? If so I encourage you to look at my website. Here you will learn about Spiritual Direction and how it differs from other forms of Christian helping ministries, as well as read my Reflections posts, and explore Spiritual Formation Resources and Practices.  

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