Spiritual Direction Training


Spiritual direction training will serve you well if you care about listening to people's stories about their relationship with God. 

As you listen to others, do you experience desires to be a better listener, one who knows how to ask questions that evoke the kind of honest soul searching that develops people both spiritually and emotionally? 

If you do, then training in this ancient church practice known as spiritual direction might be for you. 

Here are what others are saying about spiritual direction training:

“I am a pastor who has benefited from spiritual direction myself. I am committed to help leaders in my church get trained in spiritual direction so that together we can help people in our church grow in spiritual and emotional health.”

“This training gave me time to examine and nurture my own spiritual journey. I am changed and grateful.”

“I know how easy it is for me to want to give advice to another person! This training taught me how to facilitate the person’s ability to hear from God rather than from me, a much better deal for them.”

“The training gave me tools to help others become more aware of how God is working in their lives, to understand what God is doing, and to act on God’s invitations for transformation.”



Over the course of nine months I offer five modules, each two days long. Each module includes a combination of group and individual exercises, interactive group discussions, instruction, and practicing the skills needed for spiritual direction.

In our work together you will

  • nurture your own spiritual formation
  • engage in personal spiritual disciplines
  • read literature in the field of spiritual direction and formation
  • learn how to offer individual and group direction
  • participate in group discussions
  • learn tools for self-awareness
  • understand paths of spiritual growth
  • engage in reflective exercises

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