What Others Say

Doing spiritual direction with Fran has been a gift. I have been doing spiritual direction with her since late 2013 and it would not be overstating things to say that our meetings have helped restore me to sanity. Fran is patient and understanding and a great model for how I would like to be as I grow in spiritual maturity. I think the most helpful things about my Spiritual Direction sessions have been learning how to incorporate spiritual practices into the hustle and bustle of my daily life. I’ll never forget about how Fran taught me about simple “breath prayers” and I do them while I’m in the car, while I’m walking, really anywhere that I get a chance to remember that God is with me! Fran also asks great probing questions that help me to think of things in my life in a new way, and though I am usually uncomfortable with silences, I think having the opportunity to sit still in our sessions has been a revealing experience for me. I am so appreciative of Fran and her gifts as a Spiritual Director.  ~ Hannah 


Always a time of seeing Jesus and pressing toward the kingdom. ~ Michelle


When I started spiritual direction with Fran via Skype six months ago, her warm and friendly manner put me immediately at ease.  She is genuinely interested in me and my experience of God, and she gently encourages me to press in to Him in the ways that I experience Him, which for me is often through images, drawing, and writing.  While she lets me do most of the talking, when she does speak, she is giving out of the riches of her own life experiences, extensive reading and study, and especially of her passionate relationship with Christ.  Her questions, which flow so naturally, propel me to dig deep, to think differently, and to continue pondering long after the session has ended.  ~ Celeste


I appreciate Fran's wisdom and the gentleness and grace with which she advises.  She listens so patiently and then asks just the right questions.  Her questions often allowed me to understand God and my relationship with Him in new ways.  Fran challenged me in the depths of my faith journey.  I will always value the time I spent with her. ~ Leanne


Fran helps me process and articulate thoughts I've struggled to give words to; and honours those things that just can’t be put into words.I greatly appreciate her deep grounding in and ability to offer both Scripture and a wide range of spiritual formation resources when appropriate. I come away not so much with truths or how-to's but with a sense of God being near and that all is and will be well. She encourages patience with the process…not always easy for me. Quite honestly, what’s been the best has been the relief that I’m not alone, crazy or on some slippery slope, as so much is shifting in my priorities, passions, and beliefs. Fran is a fellow journeyer who can offer both companionship and hope.  ~ Ruth


The more I've talked with other leaders and pastors, the more I've come to realize how important it's been for me personally and spiritually to receive direction from Fran each month. I want our church staff to be able to incorporate spiritual direction as part of their spiritual/emotional health. It's something I believe contributes to the care of our staff, realizing that their spiritual well-being will pay dividends in many ways as they serve and lead in our church.  ~ Ben


I appreciate Fran's ministry.  I've not known what to expect each time and then have been very encouraged. I thank God for this season that she's come alongside to seek God with me and help me process my many thoughts. It is astounding to realize how much more glory I am able to give to God by recognizing him and his work better. I appreciate the idea of breath prayers too. God has turned my concern from how I'm experiencing him to how he is experiencing me. Thank you! ~ Carolyn


Fran guides others to listen to their hearts and to find their way HOME. ~  Pei