About Me

Rick & Fran Love Headshots-4I love being a spiritual director.

Spiritual direction is a form of hospitality. It says, "Welcome to this safe space. Pull up a chair, let's talk awhile. Let me listen to you as you listen to your heart and to God."

I could listen to people talk about their experiences of God all day long. Often, they don't know that's what they are talking about, because they don't see God in their everyday lives. But together we learn to discern God's presence and activity in the hustle and bustle of life.

Together, we explore the question, "How does God experience me?" This question usually brings out the kleenex. When people get really honest about this, transformation begins.

I was born and raised in Indonesia, the daughter of missionary parents, and my grandparents were also missionaries. I am very, very thankful for my heritage. Yet I saw and experienced the hard and darker aspects of cross-cultural living and Christian ministry. What I bring to spiritual direction for Christian leaders and cross-cultural workers is understanding of the role of suffering, especially the 'dark night of the soul' experiences where God and His rewards seem absent.

I have also spent over 30 years in some form of leadership and have ministered in many cross-cultural situations. Leadership is a crucible for change and transformation. My husband has also led teams and organizations and is currently the President of Peace Catalyst International

Stresses of leadership, plain old living, and suffering have guided me to find a rhythm of life that values soul care, beauty, community, rest, and hospitality.


What I offer in spiritual direction

As a Spiritual Director my intent and practice is to help others recognize their spiritual longings and questions and to explore ways of being and doing for spiritual growth. I specialize in…

spiritual rhythms of life
the impact of cross-cultural settings on spiritual formation
mid-life spirituality
dark night experiences
prayer and other spiritual practices
leadership and spiritual formation
healing of past hurts

I have a BA in Biblical Studies, an MA in Christian Ministries, am ordained, and have completed a two-year certification program in Spiritual Direction with Christian Formation and Direction Ministries.

I am a member of Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association and am a trainer in spiritual direction for Sustainable Faith.

If you are interested in spiritual direction, please contact me. I live in Oceanside, California, and I am available to anyone over online services such as skype, google hangout, facetime, facebook video and zoom.