Online Prayer Apps and Websites

More and more people want to access things online. Especially young people. If you know folks looking for online prayer and scripture resources, please pass this list on to them.

I have found online resources helpful when I am:

• traveling and don’t have access to books such as a bible or devotionals
• working quietly and would like to listen to something
• am tired and need someone else to guide me in prayer and meditation
• practicing my listening skills
• driving or walking

You probably have your own list of online resources, which I would enjoy hearing about, so contact me at Thank you so much.

Online Prayer and Meditation Apps and Websites

Internet prayer sites for extroverts, artist types and anyone who struggles to quiet down to pray … and for everyone else.

The audios help extroverts connect with someone else’s voice. Artists will enjoy the music and art work of some of these sites. Praying scripture and liturgical prayers is a welcome tool for those who don’t know what to say in prayer. From 30 minutes to 3 minutes in length, these sites have something for everybody.

Pray as You Go  – a prayer site that combines scripture, music and prayer (can be downloaded as MP3 file). Also available as an app for android and iOS.

Sacred Space  – a Jesuit site dedicated to 10 minute daily prayers – good for office work breaks while you are on the computer. Available in 23 languages, and as an app for android and iOS.

• Reimagining the Examen, an app available on iTunes and Google Play – the Examen is a prayer in which we review our recent past to find God and his blessings in our daily life. This app includes the traditional prayer of examen we can pray on any day, and also 33 examen prayers that match your current state of being for any particular day. For example, if I am making a decision, I would choose the examen A Pending Decision. Or, if it’s hard for me to see where God is in my life, I would choose the examen Who Wore God’s Face Today. Also available in Spanish.

Three Minute Retreat – standing in line, waiting in an office, sometimes we want to focus our thoughts on the Lord; this 3-minute retreat leads you through scripture, music and reflection questions. Also can be heard in Spanish.

The Book of Common Worship  – located at N.T. Wright’s website, this gives you the daily scripture readings and prayers from the Anglican book of Common Worship. Packed with scripture and liturgical prayers for when we struggle to pray with our own words.

Audio Bible  – a podcast of a one year journey through the Bible, read and reflected on by Brian Hardin, creatively done.

Lent and Advent Series  – Biola University in California creates a stunning advent and lent series that combines music, art, scripture and meditation. Look for dates for the series (called the Advent Project and the Lent Project) on their website. When it gets close to Lent or Advent, sign up to receive the daily offering in your inbox. Both Lent and Advent series last 40 days.